Delta VFD110C43E – AC motor drive




Model: VFD110C43E
Motor rating: 11.0kW
Frame size: B
Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 320 x 190 x 190
Description: Three phase AC motor drive (380 – 480 VAC 50/60Hz)
High performance FOC (field oriented control) AC motor drive
Utilizes FOC control as the core technology to fulfil high starting torque requirements, accurate speed and torque control
Speed / torque / position control mode
Improved Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) and torque control for crane applications
Outstanding 4-quadrant torque control / limit
Intelligent PLC function (10k steps, 19 points: 10DI/4DO – 3AI/2AO)
Synchronous position control
Modular design for ease of maintenance with many expansion extensions
High-speed communication interface with built-in CANopen and MODBUS communication
Up tp 37kW built-in braking chop and EMI filter. Larger sizes DC choke built-in


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