Delta VFD022CP4EB-21 – AC motor drive




Model: VFD022CP4EB-21
Motor rating: 2.2kW
Frame size: A
Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 250 x 130 x 170
Description: Three phase AC motor drive (380 – 460 VAC 50/60Hz)
Fan, pump purpose and HVAC applications with intelligent PID controller. Sensorless drives
Vector Control, multi-segment V/F control curve and soft start, greatly improve efficiency of the fluctuating torque load and constant output load.
Quick setup mode and user defined parameter management, simplify installation
Built-in MODBUS and BACnet, expandable with extension cards
Built-in PLC 10K steps with real-time-clock and calendar
Multi-pump control and circulation functions
Skip frequency function (avoids motor vibration at specific frequency bandwidths)
Enhanced PCB coating ensures reliability in harsh environments
Up tp 37kW built-in braking chop and EMI filter. Larger sizes DC choke built-in


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