Unergy provides services specializing in Consulting, Energy Audits, Industrial Programming, Software Development, Telemetry Systems, Internet Monitoring and Electrical Installation.

These Services range from:-

• Energy Audits. We Measure, compile detailed reports and make recommendations.
• Power Factor Correction, measure, benchmark, design, build and install.
• Quick ROI’s
Supply of PLC’s, SCADA and all related services such as Programming and Commissioning.
• LED lighting retrofits, again, we measure, benchmark, and provide you with a 3D lighting design showing lux levels and colour renderings. All designs to OHS act standards. Relatively quick roll out projects with good returns. We are able to ring-fence small, specific areas to prove concept prior to embarking on any major project/s
• Smart motor control. Intelligent motor control. Soft start / stop and energy efficiency / saving. Internationally acclaimed product exclusive to ourselves (Good potential for savings on motor energy consumption)
• Energy Management / Metering. Four quadrant smart meters. Supply, install and monitor. With your assistance and input we will customize meters and monitoring portal to your requirement. This gives you complete control over your factory’s energy consumption and status at your fingertips. The system allows you to create cost centres for cost recovery amongst a host of other features.
• Monitoring: All on site monitoring, web based and customized to display what it is that you require. Compile management reports and Utility Bill preparation.
• Solar projects. Design, Commission, Install, monitor and manage. On / Off Grid and Hybrid solutions available according to your need


Project Experience in Electrical Field

Client: Work Conducted: Client: Work Conducted:
Northdene Pump Stations – Metro Water Rewire of 11KV motor control panels.  Supply and install new telemetry interface control panel.

VALUE: R60,000

Supply of 18 Telemetry Stations – Sewerage Supply all components, assemble test and commission.

VALUE: R400,000

Prodesign Scada Package – Sewerage Upgrade of Master Station.  The original Master Station was replaced and the existing 70 stations configured to communicate with the new Master Station.

VALUE: R120,000

Installation of 10 Telemetry Outstations – Air Pollution  

Installation of 10 telemetry outstations in and around Richard’s Bay to monitor factory emissions

VALUE: R300,000

Installation and Manufacturing of PLC System to Control Automatic  Spray Booths – Furniture Manufacturing Design and manufacture and install PLC system

VALUE: R60,000

Installation and Manufacturing of Power Distribution Panel – Waste Water  


Design, supply and install 450amp distribution panel and issue certificate of compliance

VALUE: R120,000

 Supply and install complete electrical PLC and SCADA for Dryer factory Install 450amp distribution panel, distribution board, complete lighting and PLC control system for factory

VALUE: R500,000

Supply and install 130 telemetry stations – sewerage Supply and install 130 telemetry stations, supply FEP unit write all software and communicate to SQL and Wonderware SCADA package

VALUE: R2,2 million

Supply and install 3 PLC Systems – Petrochemical Supply and install 1 PLC to control dispensing of oil to a barge automatic pigging and control of five tanks. Supply and install 1 PLC to control the dispensing of oil into tankers (weighing system), automatic pigging and dispensing of oil through high speed counter connected to petrochemical meters. Supply and install PLC to control the recovery of oil and automatic pigging

VALUE: R200,000

Supply and Install  PLC and SCADA to control Dryer Plant Supply and install CT panel for Sub Station to connect to Municipality Transformers. Supply and install 250mm power cables

VALUE: R1 534 000